Male in Maldives

The Maldives are pieces of land, which transport us into Heaven. You will be impressed by the beauty and the wonderful sea, which is combined with hot weather and impressive accommodations. Definitely traveling to the Maldives will give you the holiday, which you ever dreamed about. The islands will leave you literally breathless, charmed and enchanted by their pure and genuine exotic beauty.

Transparent turquoise water, white sands, exotic palms, and blissful peace will bring you into a magical and perfect world, away from the routine of everyday life.
Male is the modern face of the lovely Maldives and the engine of economic progress of the country. The capital is small and charming self-titled Island Atoll and is the heart of all commercial activities in the country.
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It is located international airport “Male”, with the adjacent airport on the neighboring island of Hulhule. The island is heavily urbanized – nearly a third of the local population lives in the capital.
Much of local and foreign short-stay on the island because it is the only entry point to the country and is the center of the whole administration and bureaucracy in the country. The city is situated at the northern end of Kaafu Atoll.

Traditionally this is the Royal Island, where the palace and the old drive where Maldivian kings and staying there definitely will make you feel perfect in the atmosphere of the luxury and beauty.


Adu atoll

Adu atoll is definitely one of the best places in the Maldives for tourists who enjoy individual trips. The island is the main economic and administrative center in the southern part of the country and in size and importance of which equals the capital Male. Its population is about 28,000 people who are scattered in seven exotic islands.

Overall, tourism development in Adu did not start with a flying start because of poor transport links in the region but there are already several domestic flights a day to the capital Male and direct charters to Gan.

Vacationing in the Maldives will charge you with cherished peace and relaxation. During the day, you can make a tan under the caress of the hot sun, blissfully relaxing in a hammock with a glass of exotic drink in hand. Diving enthusiasts will be surprised by the unique emotions and adventures that await them underwater.

Down below, lies a truly magical world, worth up to experience. Actually, the Maldives Islands are one of the most attractive places for diving in the world.

The underwater world is rich, the waters throughout the year are warm about 27 degrees and visibility in the water sometimes exceed 50 meters in each resort island is a center for underwater gmurakne where friendly professional instructors provide guidance for beginners and advanced. Windsurfing is also very well developed in the islands and those who still yearn to experience the thrill of the sport may safely trust the professional teachers


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